For those of you who have purchased a print, here are my framing recommendations.

1. The print

Printed on high quality textured photo rag. You can find out more about that here.

2. The space

This is the gap between the edge of the actual printed image and the matting. Why not show off that paper!

The top and sides measure 10mm but the bottom is 15mm, this is to leave a little extra room for the image title and print sign off.

3. The mat

The size of the mat's margin could be anywhere between 40mm to 100mm depending on your preference. I also recommend having a slightly larger margin at the bottom. Bottom weighting, or off-sets are used frequently in matting. Why? When looking at an image, the eyes tend to center higher up than the actual center of the image. By creating a larger bottom margin and off-setting the mat you draw the eye to real center of the image.

4. The frame & glass

I highly recommend UV protective glass is used (most framers will have this as standard anyway) to protect your print for years to come. The frame itself should be a personal choice to suit your taste and decor - although I usually recommend a simple black or white frame depending on the image.